Sylwia Synak was born in Gdynia, Poland, graduated in Communications Design. Specialization: Abstract Painting by Prof. H.Hoier, Munich, Germany and is a freelance artist. She has lived in Munich since 2000.


The exhibited works were created between 2004 and 2017. However, between 2005 and 2012 she worked as a muralist, and graphic designer, which left little time for the creative process.


Since 2013 she has dedicated herself more intensively to abstract painting and has pursued her heart’s desire, through her vocation and passion, to bring joy to everyone who is interested.


Painting is a process of constant change. But in Sylwia’s paintings time seems to stand still. This moment is a state

of presence and tranquillity, free from mental noise, free from thought, free from time.


Her paintings are abstract transformations in which space and „now“-moments combine. The process of transformation is a process of awakening, a so-called consciousness that emanates from, and lives within each of us. Awakening means figuring out why you are here, who you are and what your purpose is on this earth.

Everyone is part of this process, whether as an individual or collectively. It is about bringing the awareness of who we are and why we are here, of love and opening our hearts to the new.

Sylwia’s works are an example of how she deals with her „now“ and how she expresses this through her abstract painting. ­

Her paintings develop from transparencies, layers of colour added by palette knife and live from the tension between abstract form and colouration and the reference to the objective. Sylwia’s paintings are unrepresentational.

The colour is strong. From colour connections, and their arrangement on the canvas, image spaces are developed which encourage association.  By using innovative and experimental combinations of different techniques and materials, such as acrylic, pigment and assorted structured pastes, new forms of expression are continually created.