The work of art by Sylwia Synak, an artist living in Munich, opens the world of associations, which is shaped into multi-layer sensual experience through the form of perception. The approach to objects stems from her understanding of design. Sylwia Synak studied Communication – Design and Art. These spaces reveal not only the creative levels, but also make the eye more sensitive to perceiving details. Various aspects of her work influence the way her creation impacts the beholder. It is about the particular techniques created, for example, by illuminating the paintings, using slaked lime or mixed media technique. The artist finds inspiration in the dynamics of everyday life, which she intuitively transforms physically.


The artistic expression of Sylwia Synak is revealed in abstract art. Her works have a fascinating effect in the eye of the beholder through varied surface structures. Levels of mood reveal nuances layer by layer letting the work impact softly and subtly, but yet strongly and expressively through the technique. The use of colour introduces a dimension that goes deeper and is almost spatial, which rises each individual work over its two-dimensionality.

Sylwia Synak’s paintings created with lime symbolise the process which is developing regardless of time and space from its own need of permanent change. Long production process - partly two or three months long – comes form spontaneous inventive creating over and over again. Applying building materials, lime and the mixture of marble powder on very resistant hand-made paper from Nepal, which is constantly soaked, requires not only certain physicality, but also emotional dedication. The artist intuitively spreads delicate pigments, which create an image on the visual level, capture the moment of present and give sense to time on spiritual level. The tools like spatula, brush or roller change the style of expression in the surface layer of the painting. Alongside, the smooth surfaces giving the impression of being firm adjoin the fragile and delicate parts – it is an exchange between tension and peacefulness. Natural materials and earth colours sharpen the senses of the beholder with reference to the awareness of their own environment and existence.


The artist’s works of art which are made with the mix-media technique show her tendency to give form to inner impulses through collage or sculpting. Her pictures are created with the use of different paints such as acrylic or ink, which because of the “rough” application claim a kind of autonomy. Sylwia Synak intensifies this meaning through apparent and direct artistic intervention using techniques of cutting, erasing and brush strokes. Because of that, the space of the painting is organised in a very energetic way. If the theme is not an object or not realistic, the artist creates depth, plasticity and rhythm through colour and emerging forms. 


Intuition and sensuality are Sylwia Synak’s receptors, which introduce her to new concepts of her works. Spontaneity and ability to assimilate and transform the energy of everyday life play a substantial role here. Intuitive use of colours and forms in her abstract art origins from her emotional intelligence and unlimited imagination. She transforms her inner stimuli with different creation techniques into a certain method of finding the image which zooms in and lets the beholder capture her artistic vision through mood associations.

Humility, 100cm x 100cm