The artist was born in Gdynia near Danzig in Poland and has lived in Munich since 2000.

Her diverse artistic training underlines that she masters her craft in every respect.
Art High School (Gdynia, Poland)
Advertising School (Warsaw, Poland)
Sociology degree: Communication & Market Research (Wroclaw, Poland)
Studies at Munich University of Applied Sciences: Communication Design with a minor in "Free Painting" with Prof. Holger Hoier
After various professional experiences as a graphic artist, designer, photographer or mural painter, Sylwia Synak decided 2014 to turn her passion into her profession and devoted herself to modern art.
She immediately receives various offers for exhibitions in London, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Beijing, Basel, Hong Kong and NY
International projects worldwide. Sylwia Synak works with renowned galleries, art advisors, architects and interior designers. Your art hangs in prominent houses, residences, offices, practices and luxury hotels worldwide. Cooperation with auction houses from 2021.
Supervision by Saatchi Gallery in UK, Sophistecated Galerie Galerie in Munich, Karin Wimmer Munich, Inna Dederer Gallery in Zurich and Monaco.
Artist has been working with children since 2018 and gives courses privately and at the municipal school of imagination in Munich.
Since 2019 Intuitive painting individual support.
Cooperation with renowned auction houses since 2021.
Since 2021 Meditative Art Therapy according to OSHO / Coaching & Retrats
Live Painting Events since 2021

Why are my paintings
so different and special?

I not only paint abstract paintings and represent the informal current in art. I paint energetic pictures - the support of people, the introduction of positive energy, strength, courage and confidence should invite reflection and are a counterpoint to stimulating present.

By working on myself, I have discovered a source of strength that I always connect with. Before I paint a picture, I am like a channel through which information flows onto the canvas.
I paint purely intuitively and follow the impulses and resonances of my everyday life. A great inspiration for me is also nature. I really like being on the Isar, the English Garden, at my place of strength, Ammersee, but also in the mountains or by the sea.
Since I lived on the Baltic Sea for 20 years as a child and teenager, water is often an important element and a great inspiration in my pictures. In the pictures, it is often horizontal surfaces or lines that are reminiscent of the sea or lake.


All in all, we are dealing with a still young, but already "complete" artist who has learned her craft in a professional, profound way and has noticeably mastered it. So I wish you joy, fun and enjoyment of this art, which I believe inspires in many ways.

Art historians agree: Really good informal art can open us up, “unlock”. It offers us possibilities that go far beyond the power of language.
Look at the title picture "Angel Showing", here you will find everything that informal art needs: depth, plasticity, openness, a successful play of colors and the associated aesthetic feeling, technical, painterly know-how, so that the eyes wander across the picture surface in wonder and enjoyment and trigger different associations in each of us.
Apparently similar in terms of subject, "Breaking The Darkness" triggers completely different feelings in the viewer. The amazement remains. These works offer us what Tolstoy achieved with language and repeatedly recommends to us in his works: the momentary immersion into a relaxing self-forgetfulness from which one expands, opens up and emerges with new courage.
The Informel became known in the 1950s, above all through the all-over painting. This is understood to mean an area-covering, non-representational painting executed without a main motif, which sometimes goes beyond the edge and sometimes continues on the frame. Sylwia Synak's works fall into this category.
We all know that money and material may play an undeniably important role at some points in our lives, but on the other hand the most important needs that we carry within us are neither objective nor venal: friendship, happiness, (self-) trust, love , being carried and held, confidence, sensuality, desire, longing, hope, humor. This list could be extended indefinitely. This is where the Informel comes in, and this is where Ms. Synak skilfully focuses: The painting does not require objects.

Ralf Dellert
Sophisticated Gallery, Munich

In her abstract compositions, Sylwia Synak creates a counterpoint to the stimulus-dense present. In her work, the artist tries to reflect the impressions and states of mind of everyday life.

Associations with broad horizons and memories of the lightness of being are set free. The materials used have a strong connection to nature and therefore evoke memories of surfaces from nature, such as the surface of the earth or are reminiscent of different bodies of water.
Sylwia Synak spreads works that invite you to pause. She not only works with colorful acrylic paints, but also with high-quality natural materials such as: gold pigments, gold leaf, lime putty, marble powder, natural pigments, ink and different types of sand.

Karin Wimmer
Dr. Karin Wimmer
Contemporary Art, Munich

The work of the Munich-based artist Sylwia Synak opens up an associative world that is formed through the perception of seeing in multi-layered sensual experiences. The approach to her objects grows out of her understanding of design. Sylwia Synak studied communication design and art in Munich.

These movement spaces not only reveal creative levels, but also train an eye for detail. The resulting charisma of a work is reflected in different facets of her work. These are special techniques that produce, among other things, acrylic paintings, swamp limestone nature paintings and mixed media with different materials, such as gold objects. The artist finds her inspiration in the dynamics of everyday life as well as in nature, which she intuitively transforms.
Sylwia Synak's artistic expression is set free in abstraction. Her works evoke a fascinating effect in the eyes of the beholder, which unfolds on the basis of differentiated surface structures. Layer by layer, atmospheric levels open up subtleties that make the work appear fragile and delicate. The use of color enables deeper, almost plastic dimensions, which lift each individual work of art out of its two-dimensionality.
The artist's acrylic paintings refer to her desire to give form to inner impulses through collages or sculptures. The canvas paintings are created using different colours, such as acrylic or ink, which claim autonomy with regard to the informal application. Sylwia Synak supports this significance through the obvious and direct artistic intervention through cuts, spatula-wiping techniques and brush movements. As a result, the pictorial space organizes itself very energetically. Although the motif is non-representational, the artist creates depth, plasticity and rhythm with the help of colors and the resulting forms.
Intuition and sensuality are Sylwia Synak's receptors that lead her to new ideas for her work. Spontaneity and the ability to absorb and process everyday energies and inspiration from nature play a major role. The intuitive play with colors and shapes in her abstract art stems from her emotional intelligence and inexhaustible imagination. She processes her inner impulses with the help of special production techniques in a method of pictorial invention that brings her artistic vision closer to the viewer and makes it tangible by means of associative moods.

Christina Hooge
Christina Hooge
Art expert, Berlin