Payment types

Payment in advance / bank transfer

If you decide to pay in advance, we will also send you the bank details in the order confirmation email. When making the transfer, please make sure to include the Internet receipt number in the reference field. Transfer the full amount at once to speed up automatic payment processing.


We offer direct debit or payment with an EC card to customers who have an existing PayPal account. Please select the payment method PayPal.

instant transfer

The SOFORT transfer is the leading direct transfer method in Germany. You can pay easily and securely via online banking - without registering.

Credit Card

Payment by MasterCard and VISA is made via STRIPE or PayPal. When paying with credit cards, we naturally want to offer the highest level of security and therefore also process these via the payment service providers STRIPE and PayPal. You do not need a STRIPE or PayPal account for this! You have the opportunity to use this service for secure payment with your credit card as a guest access, without registration, without obligation and of course free of charge.