The work of art by Sylwia Synak, an artist living in Munich, opens the world of associations, which is shaped into multi-layer sensual experience through the form of perception. The approach to objects stems from her understanding of design. Sylwia Synak studied Communication – Design and Art. These spaces reveal not only the creative levels, but also make the eye more sensitive to perceiving details. Various aspects of her work influence the way her creation impacts the beholder. It is about the particular techniques created, for example, by illuminating the paintings, using slaked lime or mixed media technique. The artist finds inspiration in the dynamics of everyday life, which she intuitively transforms physically.

The artistic expression of Sylwia Synak is revealed in abstract art. Her works have a fascinating effect in the eye of the beholder through varied surface structures. Levels of mood reveal nuances layer by layer letting the work impact softly and subtly, but yet strongly and expressively through the technique. The use of colour introduces a dimension that goes deeper and is almost spatial, which rises each individual work over its two-dimensionality.

The light-project created in 2018 plays with visual, sensual stimuli of a person. The painting made of Plexiglas in a led frame changes depending on spectral illumination ant its colour.


Intensive bright colours in the Light-Art series swell with explosion and spread over the whole surface of the painting. The colour palette shows various nuances – from red through green to blue hues, which in their co-existence contain contrasts of light and darkness, cold and warmth as well as contrasts of colours complementing each other. Some paintings – through mixing different acrylic pigments and applying one over another – create simultaneous interplay of colours. The painting made of Plexiglas in a led frame changes depending on spectral illumination and its colour. 



The Night-Art series consists of fluorescent paintings where the used UV acrylic is illuminated with UV lengths. Luminescent pigments, with their glamour of colours and forms, contrast here with flat structures, impulsive lines and curves.


In the Echo-Art series of the light-project Sylwia Synak processes slaked lime on paper with colourless UV pigment, which becomes visible after switching on UV-LED lighting.

The forms and colors  such as in the work Space-Echo 1, bring to mind the image of a galaxy. Here the artist is inspired by the images from the Hubble telescope, and further by fluorescent minerals. She baldly objectifies these impressions, which have always been fascinating to people; shining and glowing, colour scale, transparency and impermanence of these phenomena.