Performance: documenta 14

In her performances, the multi-media artist Sylwia Synak links the past and the present from her own life in her installations and her paintings. The Munich resident of Polish descent makes the private public. She questions her own personal existence, leaves her comfort zone. Why is she a part of the changes in Europe? She explains this with the help of performance. The impulse comes through the application for the documenta 14.


“….Every one of us is a novel. Everyone has their own personal story, their own history, their own stories, a chronology of their life. All stories, also those one would like to silence, want to be told and expressed.."

 Art can create a link to the reality in which we live. Synak’s performance in documenta 14 reflects this motto.

The interaction between artists, objects, places and observers plays a large role for Synak.

Her performance, installation and project for dokumenta 14 invites one to interact, either openly or subtly. It is no longer about hierarchy, but rather about being together at other levels and learn from one another.

The performance artist lives for 72 hours in Athens and Kassel in exhibition rooms and interacts with participants with the help of action painting. Work is done on several large canvases. On one of the canvases, the participants can also paint. Following the three days, the visitor can view the installation, the pictures and the filming of the performance.

With great gratitude for life, this video has been created....

document14 / Sylwia Synak / Mixed Me
Film zur Performance documenta 14 Sylwia Synak
document14 / Sylwia Synak / Mixed Me
document14 / Sylwia Synak / Mixed Me
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document14 / Sylwia Synak / Mixed Me