Mixed Media Artist


1974    born in Gdynia, Poland

Munich, Germany, based since 2000

Member of the  Art Association Munich, Germany

1990-95   Lyceum of the Fine Arts Gdynia, Poland

High School: Graduate artist, Department of Exhibition Art

1996-98   Studied in Advertising Fine Art School, Warsaw, Poland

1998-2001  Studied Sociology & Market Research, on University of

Wroclaw, Poland

2000-2005   Studied University of Applied Science: Communication-Design. Specialization: Free Painting by Prof. H.Hoier, Munich, Germany

2005-15   Freelancer, Graphik - Designer, Media Artist


2014    Freelancer Mixed Media Artist

Selected exhibitions and news

2021   ART EXPO New York, US


2020   Art Box, Zurich, Switzerland

2020  re start: ARTMUC, Germany

2019   The Artbox Project, Zurich1.0, Switzerland

2019   ARTMUC ART FAIR Munich, Germany

2019   MUNICH POP UP GALLERY, Munich, Germany


2019  Group Exhibition Gallery: KUNST STUTTGART INTERNATIONAL Stuttgart, Leonberg

2018   Nominated for PALM ART AWORD 2018

2018   Publication in Book: "International Art Book 2018", US

2018   Exhibition MUNICH ART HOUSE, Old Academy, Munich 2018, Germany

2018   The Artbox Project, NY 1.0,  STRICOFF Gallery NY, US

2018   Exhibition Sophisticated Gallery Munich, Germany

2018   Nominated for KITZ AWORD 2018

2017  Art Fair Affordable, Hamburg with Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Germany

2017   Represented by Gallery Karin Wimmer Contemporary Ar , Munich, Germany

2017   Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren​, „Blick Fang“ Year exhibition, Kaufbeuren, Germany

2017    Art Fair Tokyo, Japan

2017  The Artbox Project, Basel 1.0, Euroairport Luminator, event platform of Museum Jean Tingly, Basel  Switzerland

2017    Art Fair Malaga, Spain

2017    Represented by Saatchi Gallery, London, UK​​​

2017    Nominated for Exhibition in Museum of Modern Art Beijing, China

2017   Publication in Book: "Internationale Art Today 2017", Germany

2017   Exhibition Gallery Craft Centrale London, UK

2016   Represented by Gallery Ina Dederer Gallery Zurich, Switzerland

2016   Represented by Ina Dederer Gallery Monaco, France

2016   Exhibition Sophisticated Gallery Munich, Germany

2016   Exhibition Achtzig Gallery Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

2015   Exhibition Lufthansa Gallery Airport Munich, Germany

2015   Represented by Sophisticated Gallery Munich, Germany

2014   Exhibition Gemstone Fine Art Gallery Munich, Germany