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« In my art, I deal with the resonance of my everyday life. »

Sylwia Synak is polish-german painter whose works have received international exposure and praise. Her multi-media works are created in the free-form style and rely upon spontaneity and intuition. Her work is characterized by a unique color palette that ranges from grey-scale to pastel. She was nominated for both the Palm Art Award and the Kitz Award in 2018.

Exhibitions & more

2024 World Art Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2024 Art Monaco, Monaco


2024 Louvre du Carrousel Paris, France

2024 ​Artists in Focus 2024 – Coffee Table Book

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2024 "Super 100 Artists" Khaleej Times Dubai, United

Arab Emirates

2024 Artist in residence  Côte d’Azur, Nice, France

2023 ARTMUC, Munich, Germany

2022-23 Artist in residence, Salzburg, Austria

2022 Red Dot, Miami, USA

2022 Biennale Artbox Expo, Venedig, Italy

2021 Artist in residence  Côte d’Azur, Marseille, France

2021 International Art Awards, Barcelona, Spain

2021 Global Artist Awards - nominiert - Tokio, Japan

2021 Art Fair Harmony, New York, USA

2019 The Art Project, Zurich, Switzerland

2018 Kitz Award - nominated - Kitzbühl, Austria

2018 Palm Art Award - nominated - Switzerland

2018 Art House, Munich, Germany

2018 The Art Project, New York, USA

2017 Art Fair, Malaga, Spain

2017 Art Fair, Tokio, Japan

2017 The Art Project, Basel, Switzerland

2017 Art Fair, Malaga, Spain

2017 Gallery Craft Centrale, London, UK

2017 MM Art Beijing - nominated - Beijing, China​​

​2017 Book publication “Art Today 2017”, Germany

2016 Gallery Sophisticated-Art, Munich, Germany

2016 Gallery Achtzig, Berlin, Geremany

2016 Lufthansa Terminal, Airport Munich, Germany

2015 Gallery Gainsbourg, Zurich, Switzerland

2014 Gallery Gemshine, Munich, Germany

2013 since 2013 studio in Munich, Germany​

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Creative origins

The Polish-German painter Sylwia Synak was born in Gdynia. She attended the Art Grammar School in Poland from 1990 to 1995, then studied sociology at the Wrocław University in Poland. She later studied communication and design with a focus on free-form painting at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich from 1999-2005. She has been living in Munich since 2000 where she works as a freelance artist. Growing up in a family of art collectors and gallerists, Sylwia Synak's creativity found support early on. At the age of five, she created fashion designs and undertook her first painting experiments. After studying free-form painting, Synak initially worked as a graphic designer, decorator and mural artist before finally devoting herself to her love of abstract painting in 2014.


Abstract transformations

Sylwia Synak's works emerge intuitively and spontaneously. When painting, the artist follows her inner impulses. Brushes, spatulas and rollers are used to create superimposed layers of acrylic paint as well as natural materials such as limestone, marble powder, chalk and oils. The artist creates aesthetic, abstract compositions that invite the viewer to pause and go within.

International exhibitions

Sylwia Synak's works are exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs around the world, including United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Great Britain (London), Japan (Tokyo), Spain (Malaga, Barcelona), China (Beijing), Switzerland (Basel, Zurich), USA ( New York), Austria (Salzburg, Kitzbühl), Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich) France (Paris) Monaco (Monaco)

Represented by:


Karin Wimmer contemporary art, Munich, Germany


Sophisticated-Art Gallery, Munich, Germany


Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


Ina Dederer Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland & Monaco


Gallery Achtzig, Berlin, Germany


Singulart, Paris, France

Experts about Sylwia Synak:

1. Ralf Dellert Gallery Sophisticated Munich

“Overall, we are dealing with a still young, but already “complete” artist who has learned her craft in a professional, profound manner and has noticeably mastered it. So I wish you joy, fun and enjoyment of this art, which I believe is inspiring in many ways.”


The art historians agree: really good informal art can open us up, expand us, “unlock us.” It offers us possibilities that go far beyond the power of language.


Look at the cover picture “Angel Showing”, here you will find everything that informal art needs: depth, plasticity, openness, a successful play of colors and the associated aesthetic feeling, craftsmanship, painterly know-how, so that the eyes enjoying, wondering, wandering across the picture surface and triggering different associations in each of us.


Apparently similar in subject matter, “Breaking The Darkness” triggers completely different feelings in the viewer. The amazement remains. These works offer us what Tolstoy achieved with language and recommends to us again and again in his works: the momentary immersion into a relaxing self-forgetfulness, from which one expands, opens up, emerges with new courage.


Informel became known in the 1950s primarily through all-over painting. This refers to an extensive, non-objective painting without a main motif, which sometimes extends beyond the edge and partially continues on the frame. Sylwia Synak's works fall into this category


We all know: Although money and matter play an undeniably important role in some places in our lives, on the other hand, the most important needs that we carry within us are neither tangible nor for sale: friendship, happiness, (self-)confidence, love , being carried and held, confidence, sensuality, desire, longing, hope, humor. This list could be extended indefinitely. This is where the Informal comes in, and this is also where Ms. Synak cleverly focuses: This painting does not require any objects.




2. Contemporary Art Dr. Karin Wimmer Munich:


In her abstract compositions, Sylwia Synak creates a counterpoint to the stimulating present. In her works, the artist tries to reproduce the impressions and mental states of everyday life. Associations with wide horizons and the memory of the lightness of being are released. The materials used have a strong connection to nature and therefore evoke memories of surfaces from nature, such as the earth's surface or are reminiscent of different bodies of water.

Sylwia Synak presents works that invite you to pause. She works not only with colorful acrylic paints, but also with high-quality natural materials such as: gold pigments, gold leaf, marsh lime, marble powder, natural pigments, inks and different types of sand.

3. Art expert: Christina Hooge, Berlin:


The work of the Munich-based artist Sylwia Synak opens up an associative world that is formed into complex sensory experiences through the form of perception of seeing. The approach to her objects grows out of her Understanding of design. Sylwia Synak studied communication design and art in Munich. These movement spaces not only reveal creative levels, but also train the eye for details. The resulting charisma of a work is reflected in different facets of her work. These are special techniques that produce, among other things, acrylic pictures, limestone nature paintings and mixed media with different materials, such as gold objects. The artist finds her inspiration both in the dynamics of everyday life and in nature, which she transforms intuitively.

Sylwia Synak's artistic expression is released in abstraction. Her works create a fascinating effect in the viewer's eyes, which unfolds through differentiated surface structures. Atmospheric levels reveal subtleties layer by layer that make the work appear fragile and delicate. The use of color enables deeper, almost plastic dimensions, which elevate each individual work of art from its two-dimensionality.


The artist's acrylic paintings refer to her desire to give form to inner impulses through collage or sculpting. The canvas paintings are created using different colors, such as acrylic or ink, which claim autonomy with regard to the informal commission. Sylwia Synak supports this significance through the obvious and direct artistic intervention through cuts, spatula-wiping techniques and brush movements. As a result, the image space is organized very energetically. Even if the motif is non-representational, the artist creates depth, plasticity and rhythm using colors and emerging shapes.

Intuition and sensuality are Sylwia Synak's receptors that introduce her to new ideas for her work. Spontaneity and the ability to absorb and process everyday energies and inspiration from nature play a major role. The intuitive play with colors and shapes in her abstract art comes from her emotional intelligence and inexhaustible imagination. Using special production techniques, she processes her inner impulses into a method of image creation that brings her artistic vision closer to the viewer using associative moods and makes it tangible.

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